Episode 1: The Premiere

Recorded May 5, 2016 in the Truth Bar

Are GMOs bullshit? Are “natural” foods really natural? And are we overdue for marijuana legalization? I mean, have you ever seen two stoned dudes get in a fight? These are the questions (and more) that we ask in a new variety podcast recorded live in the Truth Bar in downtown Minneapolis.

News and culture. Politics and business. Local and Global. All truth, no BS. From GMOs and xenophobia to Prince and weed legalization, there’s really only one rule: No BS allowed.

Host and bartender Steve LeBeau, Editor-in-Chief of Minnesota Business Magazine, as well as our faithful sidekick John Sweeney, owner of Brave New Workshop Comedy Theater, brought in four outstanding panelists to discuss the topics of today.


  • Larry Abdo – Entrepreneur; owner of Nicollet Island Inn, MyBurger and other ventures.
  • Amalia Moreno-Damgaard – Entrepreneur; author of “Amalia’s Guatemalan Kitchen, Gourmet Cuisine with a Cultural Flair,” which has won nine international awards.
  • Tou Ger Xiong – Entrepreneur; comedian/public speaker; made brief appearance on America’s Got Talent, and is a virtual Mr. Minnesota since his wife has won Mrs. Minnesota International (Andrea Bennett Xiong).
  • Marlene Zuk – Professor of evolutionary biology at the University of Minnesota; her books include “Paleofantasy,” a critique of the Paleo trend, and “Sex on Six Legs,” a look at the sex lives of insects.

The Regular:

  • Barry Rubin — Business owner and sole operator of Ink®, selling quality writing instruments locally and internationally; turnaround consultant; financial professional. 

Music by Jimmy Wallace

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Pictures from the recording